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          The new co:nstitution will be drafted by a body called a constituent assembly and then put to a referendum for ratification, Interior Minister Gonz|alo Blumel said Sunday。Decommission|ed siteThe Soviet Unions Chernobyl plant, in what is now ~Ukrai“ne, was the scene of the worlds worst nuclear disaster, when one of its reactors exploded in 1986 during testing。Following an 84-68 defeat to ,World Cup hol。ders the USA on Monday in Sydney, Nurse ,said, Ive learned a lot about them (the players)。So far, according to him, the a|uthorities were trying to influence the pandemic curve, but the virus itself was not substantially atta,cked。trade disputes with China is responsible for recent wea~kness in global growth, Singh replied that sever|al reputed international institut“ions had already given their forecasts of a negative impact of the trade disputes。File Photo: VCGTrainees at the vocational education and training centers in Northwest Chinas Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have left ,after completing their courses, so h;ow could it be possible to have a risk of large scale infection of COVID-19 there, a Xinjiang regional government s|pokesperson asked at a press conference on Thursday。Cheng said the attacks and violence in the region had killed a large n,umber of innocent people and damaged property“, which were the reasons~ why the Chinese government cracked down on terrorism and violence。In“ the best-case scenario, if COVID-19 is mitigated in H2|, Asias growth rate could still be positive。

          Photo:XinhuaMore transparent and confident Despite some West|ern medias relentless attem。pts at slandering Xinjiang, more conscious people have reacted positively to Xinjiangs current achievements, Xinjiang regional; officials said。Desp,it|e the humble conditions :and the cost, Xiangyan still has its loyals。In short, claiming that the US econom|y is experiencing st“rong growth due to low levels of unemployment is; statistical fraud。According“ to the timeline, China reported a set of pneumonia cases as early as D|ecember 31, 2019, and identified a novel coronavirus。Struc,|ture design became th。e first problem。TV series have gradually become a cultural ambas|sador ,for China in ASEAN countries in re|cent years。Magnetic fields are ubiquitous but notoriously difficult to con~stra|in in our universe, said Wen-fai Fong, an assistant professor of astrophysics at NU Weinber:g College of Arts and Sciences。Unfortunately we have been ,portrayed in a bad, way for ~a long time。

          Xi arrived in Bishkek Wednesday for a state visit to Kyrgyzstan and the 1|9th Shanghai C“ooperation Organization| (SCO) summit。These words were from Francis Delmonico, C|hairman of organ transplantation t:ask 。force of WHO。The Dow J|ones Industrial Average sur|ged more than 11 percent, its biggest one-day gain since 1933。Placido Domingo has agreed to withdraw from all future performances at the Met, effective immediately, the opera said in a statement obtained by AFP, s|ay|ing that the bankable star agreed that he needed to st。ep down。In the Turkish Ambassador to China Abdulkadir Emin Önens opening remarks, he addressed the 。signifi“cance of th|e Expo to the promotion of Turkey to the Chinese audience。A two-day dance show is held at the Sho。ugang Park, a former steel plant, in Beij。ing。In Iran, authorities ordered the closure of schools, universities 。and cultu|ral centers across 14 provinces。The Indian economy had alr|eady sh|own signs of slowdown even before the pandemic hit。

          The most active soybean con~tr;act for January de|livery rose 18 cents, or 2。~|21。China needs to expand openness and d|eepen reform, maintain medium- and high-speed economic growth an:d national stability。。Newspaper headline: Dalian launches iron ore op“tions。A senior researcher at a major auto company in the US, who only gave his surname, Schott, said that bringing back automotive manufacturing jobs will be a key chapter in Tru|mps plan to make American manufacturing great again。Maybe the US g:overnment wants to do; so but is not able to。34 million tons, with a suppl|y gap of ;2。Tong also hopes foreig;ners can。 come to naturally understand positive Chinese values“ through seeing his films。

          In our view, the cause of the German predicament is related to; the new stage of world economic development - we have。 entered a buyer。s world。Newspaper headline: Immense t|ask ahead;。Many countries have started to enact their own drastic| containment measures, includ~ing banning arrivals from virus-hit countries, locking down towns, urging citizens to stay home and suspending major events :such as football matches and trade fairs。3, 2019 shows the Lobito statio:n of the Bengu。ela Railway in。 Lobito, Angola。Ownership structure of DSE has been changed through this deal - brokerages will now have 40 per cent and the remaining will go to foreign investors and the go“vernment。During testimony before the House Financial Services Committee on We,dnesday, Federal Rese“rve Chairman Jerome Powell said the Fed will act as appropriate as crosscu:rrents weigh on the US economy。“|:S。Photo: screenshot of China Central TelevisionIn a rare move, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force displayed 10 DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles in a recent video, as China reaff。irmed the weapons capability of attacking medium- to large-sized vessels。

          A total of 71 trapped peop;le have ,been found, of whom 29 have died, chinaeconomy。According to media reports, more than 100 condominiums in Chengdu, capital of South|west Chinas Sichuan Province, have installed such “gadgets in recent years。Touring to countries includin,g Germany, Irel|and and South Kore,a, the musical has been performed in eight languages besides English。”On Friday, more tha|n 70 US scholars issued an open letter urging the leaders to use political c|apital wisely, and not to deflect blame and demonize cer;tain people on virological origins。Af|ter World War II, some Asia-Pacific ;countries h|ave indeed enjoyed relative stability under the US-dominated order。Along| with the book on the paintings of Da Vinci, books on works by two other Italian painter|s, Sandro Botticelli and Raphael, also made their debut a|t the ceremony。I deeply felt the power of my motherland once more w|hen I watched the parade。To,urism always draws pick|pockets, she said。




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